Le Paris

hello hello ,

isn’t paris a marvellous city, have you ever visited paris. what are you favourite cities?

I was on a trip again with my favourite bae .

spontaneous as we are we decided that we want to go to paris for a short trip , like 3 days


unfortunatly the first day was a little bit chaotic to find from A to B and it was raining from time to time, but was still a good day, when the sun came out it was actually immediately warm. The most important thing was finding a Louboutin Store , I always wanted to buy Louboutins in Paris , unfortunatly the shop didn’t had classic, usual, black heels in the shop to sell , I asked them for 5 different shoe types in black… well to sad that i wasted my time for that. But finally as you could see on my instastory maybe I orderd them then online. But what a shame for a shop like that.

let’s continue to the cities landmark , famous eiffeltower. To sad I didn’t found the time to go up there. Because it’s not allowed to go up after 6 o’clock at the evening ,  and at the elevator there were to many people , we thouth that we would get up early maybe at our last day , I mean it was early for us but also to late , we had to catch our flight.

Famous Eiffeltower , big tower ;-P


also visited arc the trioumph







the last night we also had to check out the nightlife in Paris ….

… well that was it with my stay in paris

xoxo nadja no

back to black

hi ya ,

today a quick chic outfit for you , I love to wear black outfits , like all black, I am as well
really obsessed with wearing croptops , love them. In this case I combined it with a strait suit trouser and some pumps. Take a look at the pictures.



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and I’ll write soon😉


nadja no


hi chicas and chicos ,

I took this pictures a time ago now but , I always wanted to write a blog post about my sport routine.

My usual sport routine is , I try to run every second day around 10 km (if my work gives me enough time for that) , after that I always do some home exercises and stretching (very important for my split project).  And I am as well a passionate dance (since I am 6 years old) so I have at the moment  2 times a week dance class. Of course I
also take care what I am eating.

Got this sport clothes from scalclothing , fits perfect on me would I say😉
I already miss the warm sunny weather here in Austria. I am always in a better mood when I see that the sun is shining, I love it when the sunrise is so late and I can go outside for a run very late at the evening with sport clothes like them on the pictures.

but my favourite time will come back for sure, and I will travel in the meantime anyways🙂


clothes from : scalclothing.com


nadja no


Hello partypeople😉

I visited like almost all year the famous Oktoberfest in Munich. I was there with my friend vanessa again.

Everybody is wearing the traditional Dirndl and Lederhosen , of course everyone is also there to drink a little bit , the huge beers there. I had a lot of fun always at the Oktoberfest to drive with all the funny things there, so I am looking forward that I will find the time as well next year to visit it.




nadja no


hello hello , 

it’s so sad summer is almost over now , and I love the summertime always so much,
favorite time , to wear a lot of bikinis, getting tanned ,
the days are always longer and you can enjoy the warm evenings outside
at the balcony, and to wear all this comfortable summer clothes.

But I will travel anyways the next few months again , that I can wear my
bikinis in the wintertime as well🙂

the following pictures are from a great summerday a few weeks ago in beautiful Austria 



Pictures from amazing ©bernie brunmair

bikini from : swimxotic.com

• xoxo nadja no •



Ibiza BAE

Hi guys ,
how I already told you my next trip was Ibiza , with a day trip to the beautiful
Island Formentera.
I went there with my fitness friend Vanessa, we already visited last year 
the island together . It's always a lot of fun traveling with her.


She introduced me to her huge Pegasus, she brought with her to the Island, 
I love Pegasus ,I think that's a summer must have to own a Pegasus, I can 
only recommend.
I mean of course when we are in Ibiza it's a must do to go out.
(if you follow me on snapchat you would have seen the nightlife -> nadja_no )
We went at both evenings until midnight to famous Ushuaia and the first night
we went to bed because we had to get up early for our trip to the neighbour Island 
Formentera. You can go there with a ferry at the morning time. 


We decided to visit the beach ...
…Playa de ses Illetas
when you arrive with the ferry at the habour , you have to take a 10 miniutes
bus ride to get to this beach.
The water is really beautiful as you can see... but there are also so
many people at this time of the year, anyways it was amazing there.



I love to eat healthy Coconuts when the weather is so hot



we left the island at the evening around 6Pm with the ferry back to playa the bossa. 
we took a short ibiza/formentera trip , we only was there for 3 days but it was definetly 
enough and to less sleep we got.

Now it's time for me to recover and get back to sports, i didn'T took much care in 
Ibiza of healthy food , that I am ready with full energy and a great body for 
my next trip wherever this trip will go... I will see



hi there,

Sry everyone it’s already two weeks ago that I came back from home from beautiful Santorini. There was so much to do the last view weeks that I soonest found now the time to write a review and tell you  about Santorini.

View from our room



It was a very spontanious decision, me and my friend decided two days before ,that we wanna  go there. And it was an amazing time. I definitely can recommend to go there. The view there is amazing with all this beautiful white houses. Our hotel the Honeymoon Petra Villas was located in Santorini Imerovigli next to the most known city Oia.

this pool was amazing


We visited Oia as well but it is very busy there so many people, it was nice to see Oia but me and my friend was glad that we stayed in Imerovigli. it was much more quiet there. And took a lot of pictures walked around there , enjoyed the great view and the amazing food there. The people was also very nice there showed us around in Imerovigli as well as in Oia.

We stayed unfortunately only  3 days there, I had not more time. But I will definitely come back again next Year I guess.

I need  to travel a view times a year , it’s a passion of mine.

Next stop will be Ibiza next week🙂