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Sry everyone it’s already two weeks ago that I came back from home from beautiful Santorini. There was so much to do the last view weeks that I soonest found now the time to write a review and tell you  about Santorini.

View from our room



It was a very spontanious decision, me and my friend decided two days before ,that we wanna  go there. And it was an amazing time. I definitely can recommend to go there. The view there is amazing with all this beautiful white houses. Our hotel the Honeymoon Petra Villas was located in Santorini Imerovigli next to the most known city Oia.

this pool was amazing


We visited Oia as well but it is very busy there so many people, it was nice to see Oia but me and my friend was glad that we stayed in Imerovigli. it was much more quiet there. And took a lot of pictures walked around there , enjoyed the great view and the amazing food there. The people was also very nice there showed us around in Imerovigli as well as in Oia.

We stayed unfortunately only  3 days there, I had not more time. But I will definitely come back again next Year I guess.

I need  to travel a view times a year , it’s a passion of mine.

Next stop will be Ibiza next week 🙂




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