Ibiza BAE

Hi guys , how I already told you my next trip was Ibiza , with a day trip to the beautiful Island Formentera. I went there with my fitness friend Vanessa, we already visited last year the island together . It’s always a lot of fun traveling with her.

She introduced me to her huge Pegasus, she brought with her to the Island, 
I love Pegasus ,I think that's a summer must have to own a Pegasus, I can 
only recommend.
I mean of course when we are in Ibiza it's a must do to go out.
(if you follow me on snapchat you would have seen the nightlife -> nadja_no )
We went at both evenings until midnight to famous Ushuaia and the first night
we went to bed because we had to get up early for our trip to the neighbour Island 
Formentera. You can go there with a ferry at the morning time. 


We decided to visit the beach ...
…Playa de ses Illetas
when you arrive with the ferry at the habour , you have to take a 10 miniutes
bus ride to get to this beach.
The water is really beautiful as you can see... but there are also so
many people at this time of the year, anyways it was amazing there.



I love to eat healthy Coconuts when the weather is so hot



we left the island at the evening around 6Pm with the ferry back to playa the bossa. 
we took a short ibiza/formentera trip , we only was there for 3 days but it was definetly 
enough and to less sleep we got.

Now it's time for me to recover and get back to sports, i didn'T took much care in 
Ibiza of healthy food , that I am ready with full energy and a great body for 
my next trip wherever this trip will go... I will see



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