hi chicas and chicos ,

I took this pictures a time ago now but , I always wanted to write a blog post about my sport routine.

My usual sport routine is , I try to run every second day around 10 km (if my work gives me enough time for that) , after that I always do some home exercises and stretching (very important for my split project).  And I am as well a passionate dance (since I am 6 years old) so I have at the moment  2 times a week dance class. Of course I
also take care what I am eating.

Got this sport clothes from scalclothing , fits perfect on me would I say 😉
I already miss the warm sunny weather here in Austria. I am always in a better mood when I see that the sun is shining, I love it when the sunrise is so late and I can go outside for a run very late at the evening with sport clothes like them on the pictures.

but my favourite time will come back for sure, and I will travel in the meantime anyways 🙂


clothes from :


nadja no


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