Le Paris

hello hello ,

isn’t paris a marvellous city, have you ever visited paris. what are you favourite cities?

I was on a trip again with my favourite bae .

spontaneous as we are we decided that we want to go to paris for a short trip , like 3 days


unfortunatly the first day was a little bit chaotic to find from A to B and it was raining from time to time, but was still a good day, when the sun came out it was actually immediately warm. The most important thing was finding a Louboutin Store , I always wanted to buy Louboutins in Paris , unfortunatly the shop didn’t had classic, usual, black heels in the shop to sell , I asked them for 5 different shoe types in black… well to sad that i wasted my time for that. But finally as you could see on my instastory maybe I orderd them then online. But what a shame for a shop like that.

let’s continue to the cities landmark , famous eiffeltower. To sad I didn’t found the time to go up there. Because it’s not allowed to go up after 6 o’clock at the evening ,  and at the elevator there were to many people , we thouth that we would get up early maybe at our last day , I mean it was early for us but also to late , we had to catch our flight.

Famous Eiffeltower , big tower ;-P


also visited arc the trioumph







the last night we also had to check out the nightlife in Paris ….

… well that was it with my stay in paris

xoxo nadja no


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