Aloha OAHU

aloha dear all ,

I am finally in the mood to show you a little bit of my hawaii experience.

It was always a dream of mine , visiting hawaii, I am so thankful that as well this dream became true , and I was able to make this trip.

So let’s start from the beginning of my journey. I planned to visit 3 Islands there , Oahu, Maui and Kauai, I had 12 days time exploring this 3 Islands. The flight from Austria was quite long , I had to fly all the way over aisa , took me forever, but once I arrived there it was amazing.  I arrived at the first Island OAHU , like where honolulu and waikiki beach is , I stayed there  in a  hotel called aqua ohia waikiki, was good located and affordable.


view from my room


There are so many things to do on every Island , we decided to rent a car and starting a small hike to the manoa falls , perfect hike for the first day .

manoa falls (2).JPG

manoa falls.JPG


on my bucket list and a to do there was as well called a hike to stairs to heaven or haiku stairs , we passed by them and I didn’t knew that this hike would be not legal, so we didn’t have done it. But it was always in my head , a lot of people are doing this hike anyways , it makes it more interesting when it’s forbiten. Unfortunetly it’s still on my bucket list but I am sure I will do that hike once in my lifetime. I found out everything about it already , so if you wanna know anything about this hike just ask me anytime in comments or via the contact formular.

stairway to heaven

another big part to do was driving to north shore, there are always the surfer championships, huge waves


the angel wings , are located at Anahulu Shave Ice

in hawaii in generally there are a  lot of turtels and seals, we went to turtle beach hoping that we can snorkel with some turtels or just to see them , unfortunetly we weren’t lucky and didn’t saw some this day , but a seal came out sleeping at the beach.


last thing beside surfing of course , was a hike at the diamond head , once you are on top you have an awesome  view over waikiki, unforunetly there are always a lot of people there but it was definetly worth it.


let’s continue the other two Islands in my next blogpost.

If you’ll plan as well a trip to hawaii or wanna have any advices ask me anytime.

till then





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