days with someone who took pictures of me

…. here is a quick update about me , I was moving to a new appartment  last month – to the capital city of austria, which is 2 1/2h away from my home town (like a really samll town)  I grew up.
It was time for me to chance a little  something in my live , I think you always should have anyway always new goals in live.
There is as well this saying “new home , new luck”

It doesn’t matter how far away you live from your friends and familiy they will be always there ….
so my favourite photographer and friend bernie visited me lately in Vienna, that are the results of spending the day with him.


outfit details

sunglasses: Céline

lips: dr. handl

belt & purse: guess

top & trousers: H&M

xoxo nadja no


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