five facts


I already heard very often  that the first impression people are having of me , when they just see me  ,that they think that I am a very arogant and  bitchy person,  but I love to suprise people, because I think I am so different .

scroll down to get to see 5 facts about me you may would not expect ….


5 facts you may would not expect from me

  1. I’m a certificated steel construcion worker
    (just finished the education and quit working in that business)
  2. I had my first pircing when I was 13 years old , till 16 I had even more
    (all in my face )
  3. I’m afraid of butterflies
  4. I’m 99,99% austrian
  5. I’m the worst liar in the whole world)
    (everybody would recognise it immediately

have you expected this of me ?

outfit details:

top: zalando

skirt: zara

shoes: steve madden

xoxo nadja no


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