6 summer gadgets

6 fun gadgets for Summertime

when you look through the internet you find a lot of fun gadgets ,
these are my six favourite ones for realaxing summerday.

bose box

I love this music box , just connect it easy with your phone and have an amazing sound while you are relaxing at the lake/sea or at the pool.


icecream sandwich

there are so may different cool floats already , like the well known donut , but I’m pretty sure this cute icecream sandwich is more unique
(btw. you will get more tan when you are floating in the water)



or this cute melone is as well so nice, I mean who doesn’t like melons 😉


i phone ventilator 

if it’s getting to hot in the metro or wherever you are, you will be so glad to own this gadget in hot summer days


selfie light case 

when you get invited to a babecue or you are at a party and it’s already sunset or bad lightning , it’s always with me , that you can still keep your snapchat and instastory up to date



who else doesn’t like pizza , everybody would love to eat it all in one but with this pizzacutter you can cut and take it so easyli.


waterbomb fabric

when you can fill 88 ballons to throw them to others , jackpot 🙂
I love this ballons





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