Travel Bucket List

hello my dears ,
since my last journey (like 3 Months ago i was in Barcelona ) I need to make some new plans , where to go for my next trips , these are 10 destinations are on my travel bucket list ……

……my most number one on my travel list , BORA BORA -THAITI
just -11 hours time difference (from europe/austria where I live) , on the other side of the world , in the middle of nowhere
I guess that must be Paradise and deffinetly a next trip of mine








LOS CABOS – Mexico

los cabos mexico





SOUTH AFRIKA , like Johannesburg and Cape town
I always wanted to get to see the big 5 ( elephant, leopard, lion, buffalo, rhinoceros) going on a safari adventure, and getting to know beautiful south africa, I just heared so much positive feedback of this place, time getting my own opinion.


watching the northern lights in beautiful SKADINAVIA, I’m not sure if Sweden or Finland would be more lovely to go for this journey. I have to do a husky sleeding adventure in the snow, getting to know the beautiful landscape and afterwards watching the northern lights cosy in my glass Iglo.


let me know , what are your next planned trips where you are going to?  May there was some inspiration I could give you 😉

I want to make memories all over the world , so it’s time to continue …..what about you ?


Nadja No

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