30 luxury Closet rooms you should take a look at

A dream closet is on every woman’s wish list, but there are only a few who imagine closets that are simply beyond everyone else’s expectations.

Maybe it all started when I saw Carrie Bradshaw’s unique closet of hers. Or maybe I’ve just been obsessed (like most of us) with the idea of an enormous and well-designed home for just my clothes… wish a separate ‘guest house’ for my shoes.

A woman’s closet is her dream space. It has to be glamorous… and it has to be huge. I step into my closet each day with a renewed sense of creativity and energy, whether I’m in need of a full on transformation or a simple work-day outfit. Here are 30 incredible walk-in closets that anyone can find inspiration in.




I mean how much room do you need to sleep , but shoes they  need their space



Nadja No


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