21 unknown things about me



  1. I’m not a morning person , I go to bed late and waking up earlierst at 09:00h
  2. I hate texting , if I’m not in front of my Laptop I won’t reply to soon
  3. I got cheap flights because I worked for a flight company
  4. I am an educated professional steel construction worker
  5. I’m removing currently  a tattoo , I’ve got when I was 15 years old
  6. I get in a really bad mood when I can’t find my mobile Phone
  7. My favourite alcoholic drink is Sambucca
  8. I got my Name because my partens loved to watch russian movies
  9. I love to suprise others
  10. I never leave the house without makeup
  11. My one and only sugery I had , was  eye surgery
  12. I don’t celebrate birthday ,christmas or new year
  13. My favourite colors are black and white
  14. I need to write down everything
  15. I have one older brother
  16. I am naturally brunette and have freckles
  17. Michael Jackson died at my 16th birthday
  18. I can’t stand liars and places with to many people around
  19. I went on my first vacation when I was 2 years old
  20. I listen on repeat to my favourite songs until they aren’t anymore
  21. I will move to LA in the futureI hope you got to know me a little bit better now 😉

xoxo Nadja No


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